Kernel™ – Driving Open Innovation Inside the Corporation

Fact: large corporations have a veritable treasure trove of potentially hugely valuable intellectual property on their hands.

And most of it is generating $0 in value. Because they don’t even know it exists.

Introducing Kernel™, a platform designed to help corporations capture the value of ideas generated by their most important resources: their own people.

It’s a simple system that helps companies take inventory of employee and franchisee ideas, and importantly, provide proper recognition to the submitter—financial and otherwise. What’s more, Kernel™ can help sift through the submissions to identify the best patentable concepts, and through our partners, take the first steps towards commercialization.

Sure, once in a blue moon, an employee or franchisee idea finds its way to the exact right place at the right time, and gets produced. But that’s a rare occurrence, and relies on luck as much as any other factor. Bottom line is, the potential for growth and value creation from internal ideas is too vast to be left to chance. What’s more, empowering a corporation’s own people to be product creators is a tremendous talent recruitment and retention tool. And that, too, is good for business.

Proof: Paul has long been a champion for the advancement of employee ideas, and ultimately would co-author the strategy that led to the largest open innovation platform ever in the creative agency space. What’s more, our development partner on this initiative is Edison Nation, the world’s best open innovation engine for the general marketplace.

Do you have a few Rembrandts in your attic? Or maybe Rembrandt himself? Let’s find out.