When it comes to innovation in a corporate setting, so much more is possible.

Granted, the big guys are already great at R&D, consumer and marketplace insights, business analytics, concept development, and—if they have the right partners—design of all kinds.

But where they often struggle, by their own admission, is getting promising ideas through their own systems and into marketplace where they belong.

Burdensome size. Lack of speed and flexibility. Risk aversion. Red tape. Impossibly high financial hurdles. Corporate politics. These are just some of the forces that are hostile to the quest for innovation within many established corporations.

What makes this predicament even trickier is this: while most big players still wrestle with the old demons above, the outside environment is changing around them every minute. A new world order is emerging, and established corporations may find themselves at a competitive disadvantage if they don’t do… something.

The membrane separating The Corporation from the ecosystem of external innovation must become increasingly porous and pliable, recognizing the material difference between entrepreneurial and entrepreneur. And therein lies the opportunity.

Enter Paul Earle & Co., a unique, modern collective of entrepreneurs, innovation experts, and creative professionals committed to helping top established companies—and their people— transform MIND INTO MATTER™. Led by private entrepreneur, corporate entrepreneur, and Kellogg innovation professor Paul Earle, as well as an extended network of some of the most accomplished doers and thinkers in their fields, Paul Earle & Co. was formed to provide a new alternative for large corporations seeking to commercialize more, better innovations, faster.

Paul Earle & Co. was forged from a strong belief that advancing promising ideas out of the proverbial top drawer and into the marketplace, even as an experiment, is the morally right thing to do. Corporations have a responsibility to their shareholders, to their employees, and to the consumer populace at large to do much more to have the gifts of their considerable creative capital actually realized. We exist to be a champion for the advancement of great ideas and the people behind them in corporations everywhere.

Consider Advance Party™, a process designed to short-circuit internal development systems by fast-tracking promising ideas to market directly via a transactional route, forming coalitions of external operators, financial capital, and other relationships. You could almost think of Advance Party™ as a dot connection service. The fundamental mission of a corporate innovation program is to create a portfolio of options on the future, and this helps companies form and realize many more of them.

Then there’s Kernel™, a process designed unlock the profound latent innovation that already exists amongst a corporation’s considerable and talented employee and franchisee base. You can think about it as open innovation, mining for kernels of great ideas, just inside the company. A corporation may have some Rembrandts in the attic, or maybe even Rembrandt himself… yet most have no systems in place to even know it. That ought to change as well, and we’re doing it.

Whether it’s through the delivery of the two offerings above, or any number of other special projects, or speaking engagements geared around spreading the gospel of entrepreneurship and innovation to corporate leaders and employees, Paul Earle & Co. aims to emerge as the corporate innovator’s most valuable friend and ally.

And all of our work is backed up by a clear set of insights and principles about what innovation is… and isn’t… based on decades of experience in the arena. It’s downloadable by clicking the image below.

Thanks for visiting. We look forward to helping you make your ideas real, and to a bright future ahead.

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