Life 3.0 Reboot, Reframe, Reinvent


Life 3.0 Reboot, Reframe, Reinvent

Members who have just retired (or are about to) often find themselves asking “what now?” They say, “I have a lot to give but I haven’t found the right vehicle yet.” or “I’ve switched to a string of activities but none are challenging enough.” or “I stay socially busy but finding a meaningful life purpose still eludes me.”

In response to this, the Village created Life 3.0 – a program that provides resources to navigate the transition to a new stage of life. Stimulating programming will help members find ways to use their valuable talent and experience, and guide their exploration of new territories and opportunities.

Programming includes:

  • “Go Boldly Forth” – Inspiring speakers who know how to achieve goals and succeed when facing challenges.
  • Lightning Talks – First person stories about “unretirement” adventures.
  • Seminars – Be who you always wanted to be: Don’t leave anything on the table.

What’s waiting for you?

The Village can help you find out with Life 3.0 Reboot, Reframe, Reinvent.