Karen Kane Consulting offers assistance to CEOs and Boards on critical issues with shareholders:

Board-Shareholder Engagement — Has your board received requests from shareholders to engage with them directly? Have proxy firms made recommendations that the board and management believe are adverse to the long-term interests of the company? We provide the counsel to enable CEOs and boards to gain direct control of communication with investors through shareholder engagement, circumventing the intermediation of proxy firms. We help boards develop channels to receive shareholder intelligence, incorporating shareholder feedback on articulation of key issues such as director competencies, independence and executive compensation issues.

Say on Pay — Does the board understand the issues from the shareholders’ point of view? Are you building strong support for the company’s strategy? We help CEOs and boards better understand the current environment and the company’s diverse shareholder and stakeholder points of view and craft approaches that ensure desired results.

Board Crisis Communication — Is your board ready if a crisis develops? We prepare CEOs and boards to anticipate, mitigate and–if necessary–manage through crises, thereby reducing organizational risk. Through our proprietary programs, we offer directors the training needed to anticipate and handle the increased scrutiny that the new era of transparency requires.

Board Communication Policy — Does your board have a “rules of the road,” a framework for the way directors interact with shareholders in the wake of the Dodd-Frank Act? We help boards design appropriate and well-reasoned communication policies as effective risk mitigation tools that govern director behavior and shareholder interactions.

Annual Meeting Preparation — How did you rate this year’s annual meeting? Did you view it as an opportunity to present strategies and company developments to shareholders? How are you using what you learned at the annual meeting to inform future interactions with shareholders? We help the CEO and board set the stage for dialogue, sometimes by developing pre-meeting events to solicit shareholder reaction. Successful annual meetings enable shareholders to see a board serving as their representative and build support for the company.