A Strategic Communications Partner

Karen Kane Consulting helps clients improve business performance by identifying strategic advantages and creating opportunities to communicate effectively with key audiences in today’s increasingly regulated marketplace. Karen Kane Consulting’s principal is a thought leader in a world where rapidly evolving strategic, policy and communications trends present management with new challenges to growing market share.

Ms. Kane brings clients unique perspective drawn from experience serving in leadership positions in the world’s premier financial regulator, corporate roles in the financial, technology and industrial sectors, and media and communications. She is recognized by her peers for her invaluable depth and breadth of experience. Her expertise is amplified by a network of contacts that provides in-depth guidance on technical issues, and her insight into the critical strategic, organizational and communication issues facing management, directors, investors and regulators has been published in numerous journals.

Private-sector and non-profit organizations today—large or small—face complex issues of risk mitigation, regulatory relations, compliance, and governance alongside their traditional business strategy and marketing challenges. Karen Kane Consulting provides forward-looking, practical growth and communication solutions based on familiarity with current market trends, industry best practices, and investor and regulatory concerns.