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Zakoian, Badaskhan “Betty”

Born Badaskhan Ermoyan in what was then Armenia, Zakoian developed her artistic talent in her adopted home of Chicago, where she also acquired the nickname Betty. Many of her colorful and expressive paintings document her tragic life story. Her parents were killed in 1915 during the Turkish genocide of Armenians. Only seven, Zakoian and her […]

Recent and Anniversary Gifts to the Permanent Collection

Since its inauguration in 2002, Intuit’s permanent collection has grown considerably due to the ongoing generosity of our supporters. The collection demonstrates the complexity and dynamism of the artists that exemplify the fields of outsider, self-taught, and art brut. Artists represented in this exhibition include Martín Ramírez, Ted Ludwiczak, Eugene Andolsek, Alexander Maldonado, Old White […]