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Eugene von Bruenchenhein

Forced by poverty to use what materials he could lay his hands on, including clay dug up in nearby Wisconsin State Fair Park, paintbrushes made with his wife’s hair, salvaged car paint and poultry bones, a full century after his birth in 1910, von Bruenchenhein’s star is on the rise. Curated by Lisa Stone, this exhibition opens September 16, […]

Forget Me NOT: Self-Taught Portraits

Since man began making marks, the portrait has remained a universal subject. From the meticulous detail of Ammi Phillips and Drossos Skyllas, the gestural swash of William Hawkins, the bold colors of Sam Doyle, to the simplicity of Paul Duhem, Forget Me NOT will focus on our continued fascination with our own image. Featuring 49 […]

Intuit’s Teacher Fellowship Program Exhibition

Intuit’s annual Teacher Fellowship Program Exhibition showcases student projects inspired by the work of intuitive and outsider artists. Student projects are based on curricula created by Chicago Public School educators from Intuit’s Teacher Fellowship Program 2009-2010. Schools represented in the exhibition are ACT Charter School, George Armstrong International Studies, Bronzeville Scholastic Institute, Farragut Career Academy, […]

Life Lines: The Drawings of Charles Steffen

This retrospective features 30 pieces of Charles Steffen’s work, covering a variety of imagery he knew in his limited sphere: neighbors, his mother, flowers and plants from the yard, a woman he once loved, and scenes from the Elgin State Hospital. More fantastical drawings show his experimentation in creating human forms merged with plants and […]

The Treasure of Ulysses Davis

The Treasure of Ulysses Davis debuted at the High Museum in Atlanta and traveled to the American Folk Art Museum in New York and the Menello Museum of Art in Florida, before arriving in Chicago. Organized by Susan Crawley of the High Museum of Art in collaboration with the King-Tisdell Cottage Foundation of Savannah, Georgia, […]

Freaks & Flash

Intuit is pleased to present Freaks & Flash, featuring artwork from the heyday of tattooing as a Western folk art. Tattoo flash (the design drawings for tattoos) will be combined with sideshow banners depicting tattooed performers and acetate stencils used for transferring tattoo designs on to the skin. From the early days of tattoo shops at the […]

Culprits, Innocents and Outsiders: Heartland Visions

Self-taught and outsider art is a worldwide phenomenon. America’s Heartland boasts some of the most distinct, recognized and collected artists in this genre – as well as some whose talents are not so recognized. This exhibition features art by venerable artists William Hawkins (1895-1990) and Elijah Pierce (1892-1984), plus works by lesser-known artists Mary Borkowski […]