spinach onion potato pepper garlic beet-green artichoke japanese-eggplant eggplant cucumber beet radish

our salads are entirely vegetarian. frequently vegan. mostly gluten-free. and totally awesome.

pick a sandwich or a salad bowl. then fill it with falafel and a planet.

flavors tested to please. for about a thousand years in most cases.

tastes just like mom made it. especially if mom was from yeghegnadzor.

salads made fresh every day. from things that actually grew somewhere.

try something really exotic. like a fresh vegetable for lunch.

our menu options are more delicious than you could possibly imagine.

your mouse is hovering over an eggplant. do something about it.

anytime I work on anything falafill related, I want to eat it. all of it.

come to falafill every day. it will keep the doctor away.